Welcome to my personal page. Here you can find more information on my past and ongoing electronics projects, varying from LilyPad wearable electronics to Arduino robotics. It is not my aim to provide a step-by-step tutorial for awesome electronics projects, or an electronics 101 for that matter, because I believe useful (online) tutorials and workshops are plentiful. However, I decided to keep track of my ideas and efforts regarding low-level electronics to spark your imagination! So, think of my project pages as a collection of sketches, ideas, and prototype descriptions. Keep in mind that in my projects, it is equally important for my creations to operate smoothly and to look cool 😎 Therefore, you may experience a larger emphasis on cosmetic aspects than in the more technical blogs, instructables, tutorials, and so on...

Because I do not have a proper background in electronics, the theoretical background of my fiddling is largely based on various nifty resources, such as useful introductionary electronics books and (online) tutorials. My tools and materials are not of a professional grade, and can be found in regular (hobby) electronics and home improvement stores. Also, I happily make use of consumer products (electronic prototyping platforms, sensors, shields, etc.) that are available on the market, so that I can cut a few corners here and there 😂

Please note that I would appreciate it if you would refrain from copying my content without my permission, because that is not cool 😒 Feel free to contact me in case you have any feedback.